Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

VBS in the Mountains

The following note is from Tammy and it gives some awesome highlights of today's VBS in the mountains.

Hello everyone! We are having a wonderful time in Haiti. The VBS has gone very well so far, and we are managing to handle the heat.

Today was a really hot, exhausting, emotional, awesome day! Some of us rode in the truck, while others from the team hiked up to Petit Bwa. What an experience! The road was REALLY rough! In the cage of the truck it was Brenda, Diane and I; along with Robensen, Pastor Rony, and Patrick. It was very cramped as we were in the little truck and had all of the VBS supplies with us as well. I am very afraid of heights - especially riding in the back of a truck on the edge of a mountain with no guard rails. The road was all rocks with some huge holes. At one point, we almost tipped over. We were thankful that God placed two Haitians right at that spot. It took them, along with Adam, Robensen, Patrick and Pastor Rony, to hold the cage of the truck up so we didn't all tip over. As the guys were holding up the truck, Troy gunned it and made it up. We found out later that the wheel of the truck on one side was completely up in the air. Needless to say, we were doing a LOT of praying!

After we reached the top of the mountain, we started VBS. It went so well. This was such a great group of kids. After VBS, we handed out candy and Bible story books to the kids, and Bibles to the adults. We took a short break to drink a coke. (Somebody up there just happened to have a case of it). Unfortunately, there was a mix up with our lunch. Adam (the other missionary) was supposed to bring lunch up for us in the truck, but he forgot it. Oops!! We were a little hungry, but we pooled our snacks from our backpacks and we managed just fine.

After our break, some of us went into the village to pray with some people at their homes. This has definitely been the highlight of the trip so far. We prayed with several people and gave them Bibles. The village witch doctor saw us praying and was curious. He asked if someone could come pray with him. We went to his house and Pastor Rony and the village pastor talked to him for quite awhile. At that moment I was thinking that we should be praying for the blood of Jesus to cover the house and rid it of evil. All of a sudden the pastors started singing and we realized that they were singing "Power in the Blood", so we all joined in (in English of course). After the song ended, the man dropped to his knees to pray. In Haiti it is the custom that everyone just prays all at the same time, so we all prayed for him, and he accepted Jesus as his Savior. It was absolutely amazing and had most of us in tears. You could just feel the power of God there! We decided that if this was the only thing we did on this trip, it would be worth it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday in LaDigue

See this blog post for a run down of today's events in LaDigue.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 2008 Haiti Team Has Arrived

We received word that the July 2008 Haiti team has arrived safely at the mission in LaDigue. Here is what Tammy had to say: "Yes - we made it in and got to the mission at around 7:00 or so. We had a really good supper and now we are exhausted! I think we'll head to bed soon."

Please pray for the team as they lead Vacation Bible School for four different groups of kids this week.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Home at Last!

We all made it safely to GR this afternoon! Even though our team was split into two separate flights, we ended up arriving within 15 minutes of each other. Thank you for all of your prayers!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Making the most of it...

We're stuck in the airport in Miami overnight... yuck. We all had tents and sleeping bags along with us because we had planned on sleeping in the mountains overnight Saturday to go to church there in the morning, but that never happened. Since we had all our camping stuff, and we had to spend the night in the airport, we found a good spot to sleep in and set up our tents. We have a 10'x14' tent set up by a wall next to a baggage claim thing. About all of the workers have walked past and laughed at us. Lots of people walked past too and were taking pictures. Our guess is that we are going to end up on YouTube or the news or AFV or something like that. That would be so cool!! Here is a picture of us tenting it...

(P.S. This is Tori and Chad and John updating this crazy thing just so you know that!! :))

Newest update

Most of the Haiti team will be flying to GR tomorrow via Chicago at 2:00pm
Flight 4006 American.

Aaron Bonk, and The Gates family will be flying into GR tomorrow via Dallas at 3:05pm
Flight 3693 American

Thanks to everyone who prayed for them today.